Sofia Fernandez studied at the University of California, Riverside and graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 2005. While pursuing her degree, she worked as a Transfer Link Mentor where she provided mentoring to current and prospective students by meeting informally via telephone, campus visits and e-mail.

In late 2005, she started working at NewTech Infosystems (NTI Corporation), a software company where she was first introduced to technical writing and localization. At NTI, she managed, developed and standardized help files, user guides, and various marketing documents. In addition to technical writing, Sofia also managed all aspects of document localization by working directly and maintaining excellent working relationships with engineers and translators (in 28 languages) in-state, out-of-state, and abroad.

In November 2007, she started working at Broadcom Corporation as a contractor under the GDR Group. At Broadcom, she created, managed, and maintained documentation for the company's Support Services infrastructure. Working directly with managers, supervisors, engineers, administrators and fellow writers, Sofia helped create and develop workflows, policies and procedures, handbooks, and training guides in which she received various positive reviews and feedback. In March 2008, she got her certificate in Technical Writing from the UCR Extension Center.

In October 2012, Sofia started working at Telogis, Inc where she collaborated with Product Managers and Development teams to develop, define, and maintain software specification requirements. In addition to managing requirements documentation, Sofia also developed and standardized user guides and release notes for the Telogis Navigation product.

Her other interests include video games, guitars, theater, photography, knitting and training in Martial Arts. She is currently a Black Belt in Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Genbu-Kai International, International Batto-Do Alliance (Toyama Ryu Preservation Society) and Okinawan Kobudo Alliance.